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Francie and Jerry Popelka

Welcome to Sylmar Dogwear!

All of our products are proudly made in the USA. I always appreciate any tips or ideas from the field to help us produce an even better product. Keep checking our website for upcoming innovations to our line and please forward our website to all of your dog loving friends.Your business is greatly appreciated!
    Jerry Popelka

Dog Boots, Dog Vests and other Dog Clothes that provide protection in all conditions.
Dogs, as well as their owners, benefit from using high quality, well designed, protection garments. Our products are tested and used by owners of pets, field and hunting dogs, and many veterinarians including the Washington State Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Announcing our new Solar/Sun Shades!
Our solar/sun shades are made in house with the same quality of materials and workmanship that you have come to expect from our products over the last 15 years. We offer two layers of sun protection. Our green material is a 60% sun protection and our black material is a 90% sun protection.

OUTDOORS (Hunting, Hiking, Field)
Body and Paw Protection

Gilly wearing Body Guard

Whether out on a hunting trip or just roaming the pasture, these products will protect your dogs' feet and body from burrs, fox tails, barbed wire and sharp objects. Dog vest provides high visibility for your dog.

Products include:
  • Dog Boots to keep paws clean and dry
  • Heavy Duty Field Boots to protect in rough conditions
  • Dog Vests (Body Guard) to protect chest and fur

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Foot, Leg, Ear, Chest & Belly Protection

Leg Tube, found in Health
Sylmars' specially designed and tested products, many of them not available elsewhere, provide the needed protection directly to the problem site. Constructed of tough, flexible nylon fabric. Bothersome, often ineffective, Ecollars around the neck are avoided.

Guards Against or Protects:
  • • Chewing & Licking, Foot and Pad Injuries,
    • Allergies, Abrasions, Irritants
  • • Wet & Dirty Bandages, Ecollars

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The Sylmar Dogwear
Research and Development Team

Introducing Shadow and Sugar, the newest members of the
Sylmar Dogwear Research and Development Team and board of directors.
While still too young to vote, they are however......."fully vested"!

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